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Paul Wolffram

Associate Professor & Filmmaker | APFF Jury 2023

Paul's Story

 Paul is a documentary film director and producer with a long-standing love of poetry. As a published poet and filmmaker Paul has taken the opportunity to explore poetry film by producing his own film for the festival (out of competition).


Sign of the Times (2006)

Stori Tumbuna – Ancestors’ Tales (2011)

Nga Reo o te Whenua (2014)

What Lie That Way (2017)

Only F**Ks Pat Me on the Head (2021) 

Wildfire (2022)

The Existentialist Machine (2023)

About Paul

Why you are interested in judging the film festival?


As a judge on the festival I’ve been thrilled by the immense variety of the work I’m seeing. Poetry film is such a rich and exciting film format – anything goes! Poetry films are unique in that there are no genre specific rules, it allows the filmmaker to be creative, emotive, and narrative in ways that other genres simply don’t allow. The combination of words, images and sound can bring a poem to life in ways that are so fluid and varied that each film is an exciting prospect.  

Your favourite poetry film of all time?


Your current favourite poetry film or anything you are currently working on:

The most natural and essential combination – motorbikes, existentialism, and poetry – why hasn’t this been done before?

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