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What is the APFF?

The Aotearoa Poetry Film Festival is an event entirely devoted to the celebration and showcase of poetry film in New Zealand. Poetry film or video poetry is a fast-growing art form that combines poetry, moving images, sound and music. We would like to invite film-makers and poets of any age and backgrounds to participate in the first edition of the Festival which will take place in November 2023 in Wellington. In particular, we encourage the submission of innovative and eclectic takes on poetry film as a distinct media form.

The Festival will feature a poetry film competition, workshops, seminars, poetry readings and retrospectives and it will offer the opportunity to showcase the diversity of poetry film produced both in Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas. The 2023 Aotearoa Poetry Film Festival is organised in collaboration with Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington UNESCO City of Film and Lighthouse Cinemas.

Who we are

APFF Jury 2023

Festival Director

Tyler Tesolin

Programming and Marketing Manager

Organising Committee

Kokoro Frost

Paige Macintosh

Cameron Madams
Charles Olsen

Liz Thomson

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